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Multi-Family Home Inspections Multi-family Home Inspections

In Florida, if a structure contains four or more dwelling units, it is considered a commercial property.  As such, home inspectors are neither qualified nor insured to inspect them. However, we are. As a licensed Professional Engineering, trained and experienced in commercial inspections, we are licensed and authorized for commercial inspections, and we carry special insurance for commercial property inspections.

Special note about our qualifications:  Greg Bertaux, PE is also a Florida licensed Community Association Manager (CAM).    While we have no intent or desire to manage condominiums or home owners’ associations, our special and unique CAM license gives us insight into the many details and facets of ownership, maintenance, and standards required inmultiple family dwellings.  (condos, apartments, townhouses, etc….)

When inspection of multi-family structures in requested, our fee is based upon the total building envelope and will be conducted in compliance with our commercial properties standards of practice. 

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