Building Code Inspections

Building Code Inspections

The evaluation of building codes is highly complex and technically demanding.  There are literally hundreds of books, and more than 100,000 pages of technical data that comprise and support the “Florida Building Codes” (FBC).

A home inspector is not qualified to provide code inspections.  A building code inspection will always be limited in scope, and should only be performed by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer, Code Compliance Official, or Licensed Architect.  Any person that offers code compliance inspection services should be appropriately licensed,  identify their credentials, and carry insurance for “Code Compliance” of at least $300,000.

To fully inspect a residential structure or any commercial building for complete code compliance, an inspector would need to be involved almost full time with a project from the design phase, thru site preparation, rough construction, interim inspections, final construction, and certificate of occupancy.   That is because after a building is constructed, many essential items related to safety and integrity cannot be visually inspected or assessed.  Therefore, it is impossible to make a complete code compliance inspection after a project begins.

However, if you are concerned about one or more aspects of a house or structure that you feel are not adequate, safe, or properly constructed, we can help.   Feel free to call and discuss your concerns and we shall provide a response plan that will address all concerns.

There is no standard scope of work for a code inspection.  Therefore, our fee is based upon actual time and expense required to perform the services you request.

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