Client Types

Client Types

Home Buyers

Protect yourself from costly surprises by ordering a pre-purchase inspection to provide a clear understanding of condition. Most home buyers will also benefit from a Termite Inspection. Wind Inspection and a Pool Inspection.

Home Sellers

In a soft real estate market, order a pre-listing inspection report to make your property atractive to buyers.

Real Estate Agents

Prevent your client’s deal from falling apart due to an unclear report, You are also indemnified when referring clients to us – our insurance protects referring agents.

Insurance Professionals

Ensure your client is supported by a licensed professional with a full home inspection, a four-point insurance inspection and/or wind mitigation inspection.

Mortgage Professionals

Help your clients by recommending a professional for their home inspection and ensure there are no surprises after closing.

Home Inspection Clients

IM Home Inspector provides invaluable serves to potential home buyers, home sellers, real estate associates, insurance and mortgage professionals.

Home Inspections

A complete range of inspections for Homeowners.

Termite Inspections

Greg Bertaux is a state authorized Termite Inspector.

Wind Mitigation

Save on your Insurance by having a Wind Mitigation Inspection. 100% money back guarantee.


Full Inspection Services available.

Mold Assessment

If you are buying a home, a Mold Assessment is vital!

Other Inspections

The complete range of Certified Inspection Services..

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