In Florida, many dwellings are located within a condominium complex.  Note: a condominium is a legal form of ownership.  The word “condominium” does not imply a specific architectural style, building size, or form of structure.   When we inspect a condominium, we inspect the building components and built in items that are the responsibility of the unit owner, not common areas or common property.  In most instances a unit owner is responsible for the skin of the interior paint, ceiling finish, and floor finish, plus everything inside that envelope.  Therefore and for example, we do not inspect or report on the condition of the roof, the foundation, grading and drainage, or components beyond the unit, or other  items which are typically the responsibility of the condominium owners’ association.

Nonetheless, our inspection does include  the unit heating and cooling systems, plumbing system components, interior electrical system components, ceilings, floors, walls, doors, windows, appliances, bath fixtures and faucets, laundry equipment present inside the unit,  private balconies and private patios, and limited common elements you identify such as a storage area and/or garage.

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