Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspections

The Types of Inspections offered by Isle Management Corporation, Home inspections and Gregory Bertaux Save money now, and every year. This inspection usually pays for itself. We guarantee you will save money with our inspection or we’ll refund 100% our inspection fee for homes built before 2005 without previous wind inspection.

The Types of Inspections offered by Isle Management Corporation, Home inspections and Gregory Bertaux We use the updated “Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form” accepted by nearly all insurance companies.

The Types of Inspections offered by Isle Management Corporation, Home inspections and Gregory Bertaux These discounts apply only to the wind portion of your policy. They do not apply to mobile homes.

1. A Florida Licensed Professional Engineer is required to perform your home’s Windstorm/Hurricane inspection. Call (772) 569-2141 to hire Gregory J. Bertaux, P.E. to perform your inspection, complete necessary engineering forms and provide submittals to your insurance company.

2. If your home meets 2001 Florida Building Code (FBC) compliance, get up to 45% discount off your wind insurance.

3. Roof deck attachment method gets up to 5% discount

4. Roof covering material type gets up to 5% discount

5. Roof to wall connectors method gets up to 18% discount

6. Roof shape gets up to 23% discount

7. Opening Protection system gets up to 5% discount

Your Home Insurer offers premium discounts up to 45% for hurricane mitigation features found on your home. With the exception of roof shape, which may be verified by a photograph, most mitigation features require independent certification by a licensed expert.

In addition, it is important to understand the how the windstorm premium discounts will be applied to your policy. First, the discounts granted for mitigation features are not cumulative. In other words, you simply cannot add each feature to arrive at your applicable discount. These construction features work together and your total policy discount is a function of all the property’s features.

Second, all applicable mitigation premium discounts are applied only to the “wind” portion of your insurance premium.

The link below is a short training slide show from Citizens to home owner, explaining the 1802 form and where the credits are inside and outside the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

Florida Is Home To Some Of The Best Bad Weather In The World.

Every June we enter Hurricane Season. Some seasons are worse than others. A Wind Mitigation Inspection will let you know how well your home will stand up to such inclement weather.

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